Obama Through The Lens


Last night i was watching National Geographic: The White House Through The Lens, and i'm so amazing with the pictures by Pete Souza. Every moment from the president seems never missed from his sight. The pictures look so natural, without any trick, without arrangement it came spontaneous.

Apologize if i have to admit that Obama is the US president with the sincere smile i ever see. He close with the staff also there's a moment when he spent time to play basket ball together. I guess every momentum of Obama action looks clearly in every shot by Pete Souza.

You have to visit this site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse then you will see by yourself every gesture of Obama and Michelle Obama. Not only that you can also see how close the president with his children and the dog, bo.

Every time i see the pictures, i can't stop to say 'wow', 'wonderful', 'gorgeous', 'cool' and the feeling i can express is smile, affected and i guess no need to write down with so many words the pictures can tell us the feeling, the passion from every situation and i'm not sure if Obama much concern with imaging.

If America using pictures of the president life to share to public, what about Indonesia? I don't have any words to say, just visit the site, look by yourself than share with me your opinion. Because for me all the portraits enough to talk.

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