New Friends From Bali

I'm still have the fresh memories of my vacation. It's truly unforgettable. I have new friends. I feel lucky to decide to try to use Couch Surfing to find a place I will stay during my vacation in Bali. I know that first time, I booked the flight with three other friends of mine since last year. When it's getting close to the day, just a cross in my mind if I want to stay separate with other friends. I don't want to spend a lot of money.

In January 2015, I started to search at Couch Surfing. I try to sent request to stay with some of CS members who open their house for guest from other CS members. Finally my request responded by Wika Chan. I'm so happy. I will stay at her place in Sanur for four days (25-28 March, 2015).

When it's getting closer to my vacation day, we change our phone number to make it easy our communication. I asked her the way to her place from airport and she said she will pick me up at the airport. Wow...I feel so blessed. When I heard that news I just feel she's really nice, I also can't describe the way I feel. Lol.

Wika and Virginia (dok.pribadi)
When I arrived at Denpasar, she really picked me up and drive me by motorbike to her place. She stayed at a small room in a boarding house. It's really nice room in a nice area in Sanur. Wika's place it's near to Sanur beach. And also next her room is stayed her friend from Mexico. They met when Wika traveled at Singapore. Her name is Virginia. Nice girl and pretty :)

Virginia will be stayed one month in Bali and she already rent a motorbike. So, I feel lucky again. If I can't go out with Wika, I can go out with Virginia :) At the first day I arrived, I went to find a small restaurant (warung) to have late lunch with Virginia because, Wika has to go to met her friends. That small restaurant had very nice Balinese cuisine. Virginia already tried once and she loved it :)

Wika is a nice person. She shared a lot story with me. She also took me to a shopping place on my third day. Introduced me with Balinese traditional cuisine and gave a hint to Uluwatu for me and Virginia. She also took me back to the airport on my last day. vacation is really unforgettable, feel blessed, and not spent a lot of money for transportation and hotel. I just spent for meals and gifts for my friends at office. I have new experience and friends. Hope one day when I can visit Mexico, Virginia will be ready to host me. Lol.
Nice experience using Couch Surfing service. If you want to have an experience like me during your vacation, just become a member at Couch Surfing ( and you can feel the hospitality of your host :)

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  1. i will try the couchsurfing for my next trip, wow mexico, thats sound nice Mba, glad to hear the story from you soon

  2. have to try CS. no need to spend a lot of money for hotel or hostel, you have new experience and friends :)